Sheepskin, Wool, Fibre Craft, Leather, Timber,  Equine and Oilskin

Tantech supply specialty detergent for sheepskin products, leather wax for footwear and timber wax for furniture. We also manufacture horse rug detergent & water & insect repellent for horse rugs. Our tanning background is behind our upholstery leather care products. Our Felt Hat Care kit is a first for cleaning and protecting felt hats such as Akubra.

All Tantech products are available in the UK from: Aussie Knowhow
Tantech products are available in South Africa from: Even Flow Resources
Woolskin is available in Canada from: Down-Under Wool

Sheepskin & Wool

Our detergent Woolskin is used for sheepskin and wool and contains tea tree oil which is proven effective against dust mites and is the superior product for washing sheepskin and wool products:

Woolskin meets the provision of the Australian Standard for washing Hi-Temp & Reg-Temp medical sheepskins. Woolskin meets the Australian Standard for chemically disinfecting at low temperature.

Spinning, weaving & felting

Our fibre craft detergents are designed for fibre artists who clean raw fleece, including wool, alpaca, mohair, silk and angora and our Fibre Scour achieves excellent removal of grease & dirt leaving the fibre clean & bright. Our Felting Finish & Wool Wash is used in the final stages of the felting process to relax the fibres and leaves the felted article with a soft feel. Delicates wash is an excellent natural fibre detergent which has softening properties that leaves garments with a soft handle. Our fibre craft detergents carry the Australian Merinomark & AlpacaMark.

Oilskin & Waxed Cotton

Traditionally oilskins have to be rewaxed using an oilskin wax that requires melting and then hand applied to achieve the water repellent properties required. We developed a spray application oilskin reproofer that also has insect repellent properties. Our oilskin detergent was developed to enable oilskin clothing to be hand washed without removing the water repellent properties

We manufacture Oilskin Products for:


Our leather wax for work & hiking boots is based on natural bees wax, natural carnauba wax and neetsfoot oil and contains water repellent properties. Our leather wax is excellent for harness & bridle leathers.

We manufacture Boot Wax for:

Leather comes in a number of forms from saddles & bridles, upholstery, suede & nubuck and cowhide. Tantech's history is from tanning and is the innovation we use is from that industry.

Leather Care Products include:

We manufacture the suede, nubuck and sheepskin products for:

Cowhide Cleaner was deveolped using our sheepskin detergent formulation plus a mould & mildew inhibitor. The Cowhide Cleaner is suitable for all hair-on animal skins and leaves the hair clean and bright                                   

We manufacture cowhide cleaner for:


Equine: Tantech has used innovation to develop care products for the equine industry. Our Oilskin care products, leather wax and felt hat care kit is relevant to the equine industry but we have developed a Horse Rug Cleaner with insect repellent and a Horse Rug Water & Insect Repellent for use with large size washing machines or hand washing. We also pack these products for Saddlery Trading Company under their Horse Master branding.

Timber Wax

Crasftsman timber Wax, is based on natural bees wax, natural carnauba wax and neetsfoot oil and contains the fresh scent of the Australian bush.

We manufacture Timber Wax for:


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