About Tantech Pty Ltd

With a background in the tanning industry, Tantech Pty Ltd was established in 1997 to develop & market a specialty detergent for washing medical sheepskins to the new Australian Standard developed by the CSIRO.

The Australian Medical Sheepskin was developed to enable medical sheepskins to be washed at 80°C, such as in hospital & aged care laundries, to sterilise the sheepskin. Where high temperature washing is not possible, such as domestic washing, the detergent had to sterilise the sheepskin chemically. Our sheepskin detergent met both these requirements.

Because our sheepskin detergent washed the wool as well as the fibre, Tantech identified a market for our detergent for all natural fibres such as alpaca, mohair & cashmere as well as cotton. This started the development of our fibre craft range – Delicates Wash, Felting Finish & Wool Wash and Fibre Scour.

Our detergent contains a special blend of melaleuca oil – including tea tree oil – a known antimicrobial and antifungal – which, after testing at The Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand, was found to be effective against dust mites. The detergent, which is pH neutral was also found to not cause skin irritation for people who are sensitive to normal washing detergents. The result of this was the establishment of Aller Wash.

Our detergent was also found to be suitable for washing waxed cotton or oilskins, which previously were unable to be washed with a detergent, but with water alone. The unpleasant waxy smell of oilskin is removed when washed with our detergent due to the tea tree oil.

Our product range continued to develop still using tanning technology and includes leather care products and equine related products. Our latest development is a product to clean cowhide & all tanned animal hides, which also is effective against mould & mildew.

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