Equine Products

banner2.jpgA horse blanket or rug is a blanket or animal coat intended for keeping a horse or other equine warm or otherwise protected from wind or other elements. They are tailored to fit around a horse's body from chest to rump, with straps crossing underneath the belly to secure the blanket yet allowing the horse to move about freely.

Standard horse blankets are commonly kept on a horse when it is loose in a stall or pasture as well as when traveling. Different weights are made for different weather conditions, and some are water-resistant or waterproof. Modern materials similar to those used in human outdoor wear are commonly used in blanket manufacture. Blankets also protect horses that are kept with a short clipped hair coat for show purposes.

Horse Rug Care

Tantech has developed two products for the care & maintenance of horse rugs.

Horse Rug Wash with Insect Repellent is based on a detergent to remove soiling from horse rugs either in a washing machine or by hand. The Horse Rug Wash leaves a residual insect repellent to help keep annoying pests at bay. For additional insect repellent plus water repellent, a rinse cycle using Horse Rug Insect & Water Repellent provides extra insect repellency plus water repellency.


Sheepskin numnahs, saddle pads, saddle seat covers, sheepskin horse boots, tack linings and girth tubes are also made and used in equestrianism. The proper care of sheepskin is important to maintain the comfort of the wool pile and leather backing.

Tantechs’ Oilskin & Sheepskin Detergent is a purpose developed detergent that is effective in maintaining the wool & leather of sheepskin and is also suitable for washing oilskin clothing.