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Name: Ms C Duncan, Lake Macquarie NSW
Product: Woolskin

I have two young boys who were born just 14 months apart ... and a house full of sheepskin products from skins in their cots (now in their beds), skins in their prams and carseats, as I am a firm believer that sheepskin helps keep the boys dry and helps regulate temperature. I have used Woolskin to wash these products since the boys were born, and although they don't suffer from allergies, I want their sheepskins to be clean and mite-free. Since using Woolskin for the sheepskins, I've gone on to use it for a whole host of washables ... woollen knits, pillows, blankets, doonas, polarfleece items ... even my curtains! I remember being told after my first son was born in 2001 that 'sheepskins aren't a good idea because they can cause allergies and asthma because of dustmites and moulds'. Being a journalist, I like to research things thoroughly and believe that a well-maintained sheepskin offers my children great comfort benefits, and no health problems whatsoever. My sheepskins are still soft, clean and beautiful .. and I expect they will stay that way for many, many years. They cost a lot of money, I wouldn't wash them in anything else.

Name: Susan H, Wyong NSW
Product: Wool Plus - the wool wash for sheepskin

Originally I bought WoolPlus from Coles and bought it because the label stated I could wash sheepskin. Up until then I thought skins where a dry clean only item. I have a lovely sheepskin and the dry cleaning quote was horrific and they were unsure of the outcome due to it's extremely long pile. Then I saw your bottle and figured... nothing ventured and gave it a shot using the directions on the back. The tumble dry idea kinda freaked me out at first but for nothing. The result was fantastic! Fresh and clean!! Thanks heaps.

Name: Ms Sue Petrich, NSW
Product: Woolscour

It is a ram's fleece, cross Corriedale/Merino, a beautiful, soft, black fleece but EXTREMELY greasy. He was uncoated, which means it had more dirt in it than usual. I don't know if you know, but most sheep kept for hand spinning wear coats to keep the fleece in A1 condition. I had 1.7kg of the fleece where the staple was under 100mm, a bit too short for me to spin in the grease. Because it is such a fine fleece I was going to get the 1.7kg professionally prepared which cost more than the fleece per kilo; but as your Woolscour has worked so well I thought I would give it a go. I used 60ml x 2 washes, a total of 120ml, and I washed the whole 1.7kg in one go, (looked bit like a hairy monster in the laundry tub) but it couldn't have worked out better in my opinion.

Name: Beverly W, Tasmania
Product: Woolscour

I have used your woolscour on alpaca, wool and mohair and I'm impressed. The fibre is soft and clean. Last year I was a speaker at the Australian Alpaca Association National Convention, there were few handspinners among their members. Alpaca is hard to clean and felts easily so the Woolscour is a safe way of removing the dirt.

Name: J Thompson, Ardross WA
Product: Woolskin

Measuring and use of Woolskin in the present packaging I find the easiest. I find it really great for woollens - plus winter coats for summer storage.

Name: A Holmes, Springwood Qld
Product: Woolskin

I was given a sample sachet with a sheepskin mat I purchased early last year for my baby who was due end of 2004. My baby has since been born and I have used your product on her sheepskins and found it fantastic!

Name: Mrs Susan Petrich, Bodalla NSW
Product: Woolscour

I'm a fan of woolscour and have been using it on sheep's fleece for some years now, But recently, a spinner from our group used it on spun Alpaca and unspun Mohair and was VERY impressed.

Name: Mr Brian , NSW
Product: Aller Washâ„¢

My wife loves her spinning and seems to be scouring skeins of wool almost daily. We live in the country and have a Garden Master grey water system. At first we were cautious about what impact woolscour would have on it but after 3 years and at least 12 maintenance checks on the system we have come up with flying colours. The maintenance guy says, I wish other systems were working this well, it would make my job a lot easier.

Name: Ms S Nunn, Brisbane Qld
Product: Woolskin

Woolskin wool wash and shampoo is THE best laundry product I have ever used in forty years of family washing. Woolskin is the only product that does NOT irritate my sensitive skin. Woolskin cleans laundry from delicates to dirty work clothes, and leaves everything with a soft, fresh fragrance. Woolskin also keeps my dog free of fleas and reduces dog odour.

Name: Ms Karen C, Evandale TAS
Product: Furniture Polish

I polished the kitchen table after our conversation the other day. It came up beautifully with a lovely shine and took off some grime as well as I polished. It works very well and is certainly superior to what I have been using. Thanks very much.

Name: Judi D, Dromana Vic
Product: Oilskin Reproofer 125ml

Thank you for my reproofer and reasonable postage rate. A very good product just what was needed. Thank you again Judi D, Dromana

Name: Jenny L, ACT
Product: Aller Washâ„¢

As we have had such a large, positive response to the Felting Finishing Wash already & the fact that we think your products are just darn good products we have applied for an extra site at the Hamilton Sheep Vention in August to give ample space to display and promote your products adequately and give it the stall frontage and public exposure it deserves.

Name: Dianne T, Qld
Product: Woolscour

I bought 5 litres of Woolscour from you about two or three months ago specifically for washing Mohair fibre. I want to thank you for sending it so promptly (and at an excellent price). I am very impressed with its effectiveness in washing out the dirt, bringing out the lustre and in restoring the Mohair to its natural white state. It also leaves the fleece smelling fresh (not "goaty", which is wonderful for storage). I will keep in touch as we will get our spinning mill up and running in the next few months and will have an increased need for your wonderful product. Regards Dianne T

Name: Ms Jeannette Anderson, Lismore NSW
Product: Aller Wash™

When our infant son started suffering from frequent rashes of hives, covering most of his body, it was suggested to us that it may be the washing powder I was using. I started using Allerwash as an alternative to washing powder and couldn't be happier with the results. Anxious to alleviate his discomfort I rewashed everything in contact with his skin in Allerwash. The hives vanished completely, we didn't even get a chance to photograph them disappearing they were gone so fast I now wash all of his clothes and bedding in Allerwash and still after several months we have not seen a rash since. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with an infant or allergies and wish we had not had to learn the hard way with our little boy experiencing so much discomfort before we realised how harsh washing products, even ones recommended as mild, can be on a young child's skin. Thankyou Jeannette Anderson

Name: Mrs Karen , Evandale TAS
Product: Woolskin

I had to write to tell you that I used your Woolwash on our cream bedroom carpet where there was a significant stain from a leaking oil-filled heater. It had been there for about a year and I had tried different cleaning products on it with no success. I suddenly thought of your Woolwash and the results were amazing. You can't see where the stains were. I'm so thrilled I just had to let you know.